CEC Annual Report: A knowledge network for powering change

Highlights of 2010 are presented in this annual report of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. If the year had a theme, it would be 'communicating biodiversity'.

Commission logo banded in gold. Photo: IUCN CEC

Faced with climate change and biodiversity loss, people are ready for messages that change hearts, minds and even behaviours. The conservation community is embracing strategic communication and new approaches to learning to go beyond jargon. The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) seeks to engage and inspire people to value and protect nature – from policy makers to natural resource managers on the ground.

In this report, we are pleased to present highlights of CEC activities in 2010. The Commission engaged in initiatives supporting the IUCN One Programme, with an emphasis on communicating biodiversity. CEC pursued partnership activities with IUCN members, the Secretariat, other Commissions and key external partners — extending the theme of partnership across generations to engage young professionals. To strengthen its network, CEC selected more National Activators and expanded its engagement tools and activities.


Science & Learning Unit

Chapter 1: Communicating biodiversity
1.1 Bringing science to life at CBD COP 10
1.2 New biodiversity video
1.3 Partnership for biodiversity: Examples
1.4 CEPA Workshops

Chapter 2: CEC across the IUCN One Programme
2.1 Climate for learning
2.2 Livelihoods and Green Economy

Chapter 3: Communication and collaboration

Chapter 4: Building our network
4.1 Annual meeting
4.2 Engagement tools and activities
4.3 Intergenerational partnership
4.4 National Activators

Chapter 5: CEC in the near future


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