CEC Annual Report 2011

From IUCN Regional Conservation Fora to national-level CEPA workshops on communicating biodiversity, CEC members took their expertise on the road in 2011.

CEC Annual Report 2011 Photo: CEC

 The Commission engaged in initiatives supporting the IUCN One Programme, with an emphasis on building skills and raising awareness. CEC pursued partnership activities with IUCN members, the Secretariat, other Commissions and key external partners.

CEC members contributed to the IUCN Regional Conservation Fora and facilitated workshops to improve communication, education and public awareness in the implementation of National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans across all regions. Young professionals in CEC took a leadership role in strengthening the emerging youth presence in IUCN. Our CEC Focal Point also engaged young people at the World Scout Jamboree, where CEC coordinated 1,000 person-hours of IUCN environmental education.

Many more activities carried out by CEC members in support of the IUCN One Programme are featured in the CEC newsletter, which is available online at www.iucn.org/cec/.

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West and Central Africa
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