CEC and CEESP on the Youth and Intergenerational Journey at Congress

CEC member Dominic Stucker reports on action related to youth engagement and collaboration across generations during the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

CEC and CEESP Young Professionals at Congress. Left to right: Daniela Barguil, Melanie Zurba, Dominic Stucker, Alyson Duffey, Grace Mwaura, and Diogo Verissimo.

Young CEC and CEESP leaders worked closely with young and senior members from across the Union to organize the Youth and Intergenerational Journey at Congress. Download the Journey flyer and a full report prepared by the IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability.

Some highlights of our efforts include:

  1. Motion 008 on “Increasing youth engagement and intergenerational partnership across and through the Union” was drafted by Dominic Stucker, Catie Burlando, and Grace Mwaura in collaboration with Sponsors Development Alternatives, the UN-mandated University for Peace, and the Jeju Bureau of the Environment; guided through the Members Assembly by Rob Fletcher and Elaine Hsiao; and strengthened and adopted as a Resolution;
  2. Our Action Plan for Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership for 2013-2016 was developed through a collaborative process leading up to our workshop at Congress, organized by Catie Burlando, Dominic Stucker, Grace Mwaura, and team;
  3. The Regional Councillor campaign led by Caroline Seagle and team set a precedent for other young professionals to run in future elections;
  4. We launched the IUCN-wide logo for intergenerational partnership including dissemination of over 750 logo pins; the logo competition was coordinated by Rebecca Koss, with the winning logo designed by Ivan Onatra;
  5. CEC member Balaji Vedharajan was honored for his work in mangrove conservation in India with the CEC Chair’s Youth Award; led by Grace Mwaura and Dominic Stucker, an intergenerational CEC team coordinated the process and selected finalists;
  6. A dozen engaging youth-related events were held, including “The Inheritors” workshop convened by former IUCN President Ashok Khosla and the “Youth at Congress: Strengthening Community Voices towards a Just World” organized by CEESP youth Melanie Zurba and Elaine Hsiao;
  7. The IUCN Media Team, led by CEC member Mohammad Masum, produced a film highlighting youth voices at Congress;
  8. Led by Andy Alm, a dozen CEC members volunteered in filming Congress participants’ responses to the question “How did you first fall in love with nature?” as part of the “Love. Not Loss.” Project

Since Congress, I have encouraged new young leadership to step forward across Commissions, drawing on Motion 008 to encourage Chairs to appoint young people to their Steering Committees. Our new CEC Chair, Juliane Zeidler, has appointed former young IUCN Councillor Grace Mwaura to the Commission’s Steering Committee to both take my place as Special Advisor on Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Partnership and to be a fully-fledged contributor to CEC strategy and design. It has truly been an immeasurable pleasure and unforgettable honor to have served on the CEC Steering Committee for the past four years. I am grateful to outgoing Chair Keith Wheeler and all Steering Committee members for making the experience such a meaningful one.

In news from other Commissions:

  • CEESP Chair Aroha Mead has re-appointed Catie Burlando to her Steering Committee;
  • CEM Chair Piet Wit has mandated two of his senior Steering Committee members (Birguy Lamisana and Said Damhoureyeh) to be Focal Point for Young Professionals and Advisor on Intergenerational Partnership; and
  • CEL, SSC and WCPA are planning to appoint youth focal points soon.

I have also encouraged new leadership to step forward on the IUCN Task Force on Intergenerational Partnership. Initiated by the CEC in September 2011, the Task Force now has over 100 members from across the Union. Eduardo Jr. Arenas, Rebecca Koss, Grace Mwaura and Melanie Zurba have stepped forward to join Catie Burlando as Co-Conveners of the Task Force, while I shift into an advisory role.

Motion 008 and the Action Plan, combined with the IUCN Program and Commission mandates, provide a solid foundation for the work of the Task Force and young professionals Commission networks for 2013-2016. I encourage your continued involvement and support! Learn more here >>


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