Can a business be profitable while also helping nature profit?

Nespresso's business relies on the functioning of ecosystems on coffee farms. Their sustainable quality program, called AAA, aims to secure production of the highest quality coffee, while protecting the natural environment and improving the livelihood of the farmers that grow it.

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One of the most important questions being asked during the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress has to do with the intersection of business and environment. Can a profitable business also be profitable for nature? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Nespresso believes the answer is absolutely `Yes`. During the Congress, they are outlining how they work with famers in Jardin, Colombia on a project to optimize farm productivity, coffee quality and water use. It is exploring some of the challenges facing coffee production in Colombia, which was recognized as one of the five most biodiverse countries by the World Wildlife Fund.

The Jardin project has helped Nespresso farmers double the volume of coffee sold, leading to a 17% increase in net farmer income, while reducing water usage by 63%, reducing water pollution by 100% and helping farmers save four hours or more of their time during the harvest.

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