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Carnivorous plants are in danger. Their diverse beauty and unique behaviours make them vulnerable to over-collection for the horticultural trade. Poaching and habitat fragmentation and destruction, driven largely by agriculture, logging, and mining operations, represent major threats to many species. We urgently need to gain a better understanding of their global status, and we need your help!

Support The IUCN Red List Carnivorous Plants Campaign!

We have just launched a fundraising campaign to help complete the assessment of all carnivorous plants for The IUCN Red List. Only 20% of the roughly 750 carnivorous plant species have so far been assessed. With your help, we can assess them all in order to determine the global conservation status of this unique and important group to better inform conservation action and policy decisions.

“Providing accurate and up-to-date IUCN Red List conservation assessments for all carnivorous plants will be an invaluable tool for research scientists and conservationists around the globe.” – Sir David Attenborough, Patron of the IUCN SSC Carnivorous Plant Specialist Group.

Learn about the campaign here and help us spread the word!

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