Call for social animals

Now is the time to put your creative hat on and tease the interest of your peers – because we are calling for participants and partners to organize social and cultural events.

New Zealand fur seal (arctocephalus forsteri) Photo: Holcim

Networking is at the heart of Congress. The high energy created by thousands of people joining together in support of conservation makes for the perfect breeding ground for new and stronger relationships to build.

Aside from the wealth of Forum sessions where participants will be able to meet, the Jeju Congress makes space for extra social gatherings to liven up the 10 days of conferences. And we're counting on you to make it happen.

So what’s your idea for a fun time? Strolling along an art exhibition, checking out traditional dancing, tapping to a music performance, making new friends at a function? Let your imagination run free and submit your proposal for a side event.

You have until Monday 30 April to submit your proposals. To do so, you simply need to fill out the necessary form and send it back by email.

The lucky Members who will be selected will see their event promoted in the official Congress Programme. Non-members also have the possibility to organize private side events in the state-of-the-art International Convention Centre Jeju.

Don’t miss this chance at showcasing what you’re all about and create a welcoming get-together for participants where they can wind down in a social and cultural atmosphere. We look forward to your submissions!

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