Call for participation in BIOME 5 in 2014

The International Symposium on Biodiversity, Culture and Society has announced its call for participation and sponsorship for the 2014 event BIOME5 in the Philippines.

Jade vine from the Philippines

Dr. J. T. Masagca, CEC member from the Philippines, shares a call for participation and sponsorship for BIOME5, the 2014 International Symposium on Biodiversity, Culture and Socie  (BIOCULTURES) and 5th Philippine National Biodiversity Meeting.  


BIOME5 in 2014

  • 2014 International Symposium On Biodiversity, Culture and Society (BIOCULTURES) and 
  • 5th Philippine National Biodiversity Meeting

The event is organized by the Catanduanes State University, Philippines in partnership with an Australian institution. The event addresses the nexus of island biodiversity conservation, technology, culture and society within the thematic scope of climate, disaster, and sustainability in the islands of the region including Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. BIOME4 tackles new technologies in relation to BIOCULTURES of islands in the region and lead in protecting and valuing the marine resources with emphasis on the vanishing and endangered sea turtles, fish, mollusks and crustaceans (FMCs) including the rivers, estuaries and wetlands (REWs).  

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University President & Over-all Chair, BIOME4 and BIOME5
Catanduanes State University, Virac 4800, Catanduanes, Philippines 


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