Call for Papers - Policy Matters: Issue 17

Call for papers - POLICY MATTERS: ISSUE 17 “Macroeconomic Policies for Sustainable Development”

Guest Editor: Alejandro Nadal (Co-Chair, TEMTI; Full Professor, Center for Economic Studies, El Colegio de México).


This issue of Policy Matters will concentrate on the impact of macroeconomic policies on the environment and on sustainable development. Macroeconomic policies include monetary and fiscal policies, as well as exchange rate and financial market deregulation, balance of payments measures and income policies. These policies determine the strength, shape and orientation of the economic forces that affect biodiversity, soils, water resources, forests, fisheries and the atmosphere. Macroeconomic policies embody an “implicit environmental policy” that frequently contradicts the objectives of explicit environmental policies. In spite of its relevance, the relation between macroeconomic policies and sustainable development has been systematically ignored. Papers should focus on the effects of macroeconomic policies on different environmental dimensions, as well as on ways to integrate sustainability in the core objectives of macroeconomic strategies and policies.

  • The deadline for contributions for PM 17 is 9 April 2010.

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Work area: 
Social Policy
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