Call for Papers - 2008 Alexandre Kiss Award

The IUCN Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) has the mission to advance sustainability through the development of legal and policy concepts and instruments and through building the capacity of societies to develop and implement environmental law and policy, in furtherance of the IUCN mission.


In this context the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law aims to achieve its mission through different initiatives, programmes and activities. The present research award is part of the Commission’s permanent promotion of the conceptual development of environmental law and the dissemination of related and relevant information, especially among young lawyers and postgraduate students.

The award has been created taking advantage of the extraordinary platform of the worldwide CEL members, its interrelation with the IUCN institutional membership, and the permanent and strong cooperation with the Secretariat’s Environmental Law Centre in Bonn.

1. To promote and disseminate research on the most relevant environmental law and policy issues, based on the worth and diversity of the CEL / IUCN platform.
2. To increase interest of young lawyers for research on environmental law
3. To increase co-operation and integration between CEL members, IUCN institutional members and IUCN Secretariat at regional and global levels.

Conditions of the award:
Topics: There are two proposed topics for the 2008 award:

  • Legal frameworks to address climate change. National and regional responses to a global challenge.
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency. Exploring legal measures for their promotion.

Length of the papers: Between 20 and 40 pages.

Deadline for submissions: 1 June 2008

More information: see 'related downloads'

Work area: 
Environmental Law
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