Call for nominations for next CEC Chair

Keith Wheeler's term as CEC Chair comes to an end after the next IUCN World Conservation Congress. CEC members are invited to submit nominations for a new Chair by October 1, 2011. (français / español)

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Dear CEC Members,

On behalf of the CEC Chair Search Committee, please find attached a memorandum, a nomination form and IUCN Terms of Reference for the role of Commission Chairs. Please get in touch with any member of the Search Committee if you have any queries.

Best wishes,
Brad Smith PhD
Chair, CEC Chair Search Committee

Estimados miembros de la CEC,

En nombre del Comité de Selección de la CEC, sírvase encontrar adjunto a la presente: un memorándum del Comité de Selección de la CEC, un formulario de nominación y los Términos de Referencia de la UICN para los presidentes de comisiones. Si tuvieran preguntas, no dejen de contactar directamente a uno de los miembros del Comité.

Atentos saludos,
Brad Smith
Presidente del Comité de Selección de la CEC

Chers membres de la CEC,

Au nom du Comité de recherche de la CEC, veuillez trouver ci-joint les documents suivants : une note du Comité de recherche ; un formulaire de proposition de candidatures, ainsi que le cahier de charges pour tous les présidents des commissions UICN. Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez à contacter à un des membres du comité de recherche.

Meilleures salutations,
Brad Smith
Président du Comité de recherche CEC


To Members of the CEC:

The term of the current Chair of the CEC, Mr. Keith Wheeler, ends on the occasion of the next World Conservation Congress at Jeju, Korea in September 2012. At the Bureau meeting of the CEC in April this year, a Search Committee was formed in order to assist in finding the next CEC Chair. The CEC Search Committee was constituted taking into account that it should be a manageable number, and have a geographic, linguistic and gender spread. The members are:

  1. Wendy Goldstein, CEC Deputy Chair:  
  2. Katalin Czippán, CEC Regional Vice-Chair for Europe:  
  3. Ana Puyol: CEC Special Advisor for Latin America:  
  4. Javed Jabbar: CEC Regional Vice-Chair for West Asia:  
  5. Brad Smith: CEC Special Advisor for Private Sector Partnerships:

The CEC Search Committee is charged with making recommendations to the CEC Steering Committee. It intends to do so by October 15, 2011, so that a slate of candidate(s) selected by the CEC Steering Committee can be submitted to IUCN Council by January 16, 2012 (the date set by IUCN Council). The Committee is aware that this is sensitive process, involving careful diplomatic forethought, but that it must be as open, transparent and proactive as possible.
In considering the nominations for the Chair, it was agreed that Search Committee members should also include the question of who might be chosen by the potential Chair as a Deputy Chair. The Committee is aware that in considering nominations for Chair and potential Deputy Chair, there must be some balance between the two in terms of geographic location, linguistic ability and gender.

The IUCN Council has published the attached Terms of Reference about the Election, Role and Function of Commission Chairs. The attached nomination form has been drafted to reflect these criteria.

CEC Search Committee members are happy to be contacted individually by email or other means to address any issues or to discuss potential nominations. Their email addresses are noted in the above list for such purposes. Please have all Nomination Forms completed by October 1, 2011 and submitted to cecchair.nominations@...

Best wishes,

Bradley F. Smith PhD
Chair, CEC Chair Search Committee

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