Buried Treasure in Mongolia: Photos by CEC Member

CEC member Haroldo Castro documented the unearthing of long-buried sacred crates containing Buddhist treasures. View his photos from Mongolia on BBC News and read more in his blog Viajologia, where he incorporates observations about the environment with entertaining travel stories (in Portuguese).

Camels transport Buddhist relics long-buried in Mongolia's Gobi Desert

Dear Friends,

Just a little note to tell you that I am back from the Gobi Desert, in Mongolia, where I had the opportunity to document the unearthing of sacred crates containing two-century-old Buddhist treasures.  It looks like an Indiana Jones adventure, but the story was truly fascinating! Of course, the photographic material is unique!

I will write more about this extraordinary story in a Brazilian magazine and in my blog (see address below), but you can already check out some of the images at a Photo Gallery that BBC NEWS has put together:


All the best, Haroldo
Haroldo Castro


BLOG: http://colunas.epoca.globo.com/viajologia/


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