The Bug River in the Pan European Ecological Network

Located in the border regions of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland, the Bug River can help to foster transboundary cooperation on biodiversity protection, ecological networks and water management. The long term objective of this project is to design and manage an ecological network along the Western Bug River, designate the border area between Ukraine, Belarus and Poland as a Transboundary Ramsar Site and assist the designation of the same area as a Trilateral Biosphere Reserve.

Bug River, Poland

The project proposes a feasibility study aiming to get clarity about the policies of the three governments related to the protection and management of the Bug River and about the needs, wishes and willingness to embark on a process that will lead to a joint agreement on the protection and management of the ecological network along the Bug River. The project will produce status reports in the three countries related to the protection and management of the Bug River. The national status reports will be discussed at a Conference on Protection and Management of the Bug River with representatives of the three governments plus donor organisations, the Ramsar Bureau and the Council of Europe.


  • Feasibility Study with insight in the policy needs and wishes of the three countries related to the Bug River;
  • Common understanding about ecological network design and management, the requirements of the Convention on Biodiversity, EU WFD and Natura 2000, the Man and Biosphere Program of the UNESCO in relation to biodiversity protection and management;
  • Increased capacities of the NGOs and science organisations related to the implementation of EU legislation and management of the Bug

Donor: Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Partners: The Foundation DLO/Wageningen International; Wetlands International in Ukraine; Orbicon.
Time frame: January 01, 2007 - December 31, 2008
Contact person: Tomasz Pezold

IUCN elaborates national status reports regarding the protection and management of the Bug River for Poland, supports the organisation of an International Conference on the River Bug, helps to elaborate an Action Plan for the protection and management of the Bug and supports training and capacity building of the civil society.

South-Eastern Europe 
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