Britain’s Treasure Islands to be broadcast on BBC4 on the 12th and 13th of April

Following the lecture given by Stewart McPherson at the Royal Geographical Society in London on the 24th of March, the BBC has confirmed that the <em>Britain’s Treasure Islands documentary will be broadcast as a three-part series starting on the 12th of April at 9pm GMT and repeated on the 13th at 8pm GMT.

Stewart McPherson presenting at the Royal Geographical Society

The series will showcase the unique biodiversity and important conservation work being carried out across all 34 UK Overseas Territories. In addition to the series, 42 mini-documentaries covering each of the UK territories are freely available to the public as a means of promoting and educating people about the wildlife, landscapes, cultures and conservation work in these regions.

Britain’s Treasure Islands is also being compiled as a natural history book that will focus on the history, culture and wildlife in all 34 territories as well as document McPherson’s journey to these remarkable and often extremely remote lands. The book will be distributed to every school across the UK and UKOTs on behalf of Lord Ashcroft.

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