Bring the Arctic to your Classroom 9 - 18 March 2016

XL Catlin is partnering with IUCN on an oceans & climate change project with exciting events coming up. One of them is a fantastic opportunity for students worldwide to experience the Arctic through the eyes of scientists living and working there now.


XL Catlin, an inspired insurance company sponsors research programmes exploring how our oceans are changing. Working with award winning Digital Explorer, they offer interactive learning experiences to classes all over the world. Scientists from the UK arctic research station on Svalbard will be available on Skype video calls to describe life in this frozen tundra and the incredible but threatened life dependent on this pristine environment. The research station has been in place for over 20 years. It’s been involved in projects such as how climate change is affecting the ice; how viruses react to the cold; and using ancient DNA found in bogs to see what life looked like thousands of years ago.

It’s free, so just go to the link below to book your slot or email [email protected] to register.

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Climate Change
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