Bridging the Gap Between Locals & Policy Development

IUCN ROWA being part of the function to finalise the Third National Climate Change Communication Report, which is implemented by the MoEnv and supported by UNDP/GEF, this is the first time the social adaptation aspect is taken into consideration; which then helps to bridge the gap between the local community in Jordan and climate change policy development mechanisms.

experts at work - Bayoodah rain calendar analysed Photo: IUCN ROWA

During the past 2 months, IUCN ROWA has been working with climate change experts in the feilds of Biodiversity, Water, Agriculture, Health, Marine, Gender and socioeconomics to finalise the chapter of Adaptation and Mitigation in the Third National Climate Change Communication Report to the UNFCCC. 

The third report will have a new look, that will include a new chosen reporting area, visuals and the most important missing aspect; local adaptation. 

The whole idea behind this new merge, is to include a new social aspect to climate change policies in Jordan. After chosing the area and villages of choice, experts are now going to the field and applying CRiSTAL tools to help the locals better understand their changing climate and moreover understand how local adaptation mechanisms work.

for more information, kindly contact:

Mufleh Abbadi - Project coordinator 

West Asia
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