A bridge between worlds

"Japan, the country where I was born and raised, was hit by the once-in-a millennium devastating disaster and has suffered seriously from the overwhelming destruction that was caused by it. But this mind-blowing tragedy has taught us a lot too," writes IUCN Goodwill Ambassador, Japanese singer and songwriter IRUKA.


"Great support offered from countries around the world made us realize that we are all connected to each other and we are very thankful for that. Thank you so much!

We have learnt that we cannot live without the gift from the Earth – the many resources it provides us - and that this gift is finite. And now, we all are sharing the same feeling and striving to revive.

Human history has been a continuous struggle to live.

We can do nothing but hope that our willingness to go to war or terrorism goes away in the future. Human and all other beings living on the Earth are precious and they all have the right to share it.

We continue to live by paying respect to nature.

As IUCN Goodwill Ambassador, I wish to continue being a bridge between people and nature."

Spring, 2011
IRUKA, IUCN Goodwill Ambassador

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