Book cover to feature CEC member's photo

This photograph by CEC member Gary Braasch will be the cover of a forthcoming book by Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Thomas Swimme, "Journey of the Universe."

Northern sky exposure, a photo by IUCN CEC member Gary Braasch

Happy New Year from Gary Braasch and World View of Global Warming.

The image and their title speak of our larger work and goals in educating about science, climate, species and protecting our Earth.

My goal is to provide evocative, informed images to communicators, leaders and activists for the inspiration,education and betterment of people everywhere. We are all involved in telling the crucial stories of what is happening on Earth today. Last year I covered the largest marine oil spill, great shifts in ocean tides along our coasts -- and the beginning of the revolution in power and building which will reduce our need for oil and the effects of climate change. Dramatic images engaged audiences in Washington DC, in galleries and art museums nationally, and in many publications -- including my own website through "Climate Photo of the Week" and many portfolios. Thanks to all who helped make this possible.

This would not be possible without the support, ideas, and encouragement from colleagues, mentors and leaders. I thank everyone.

In February I will return to the island nation of Tuvalu during the year's highest tides -- where I previously created some of the most iconic images of rising sea level. I seek more funding and collaborations for this trip which also includes Kiribati, Fiji and Hawaii.

In December I was named one of the world's most influential nature photographers, and it's due not only to purposeful photography, but also to generous supporters and skilled communicators who want people to know and care for our planet.

Please see my websites for more information on 2010 accomplishments and what's ahead:  and

Thank you.

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