Blue Ventures Conservation receives world renowned grant

Blue Ventures Conservation, an IUCN Member from the UK, will explore leveraging markets to conserve mangrove biodiversity and alleviate poverty in Madagascar.

Local communities harvesting crab and shrimp from the mangroves Photo: Blue Ventures Conservation

The UK Government’s environment department announced a generous grant for the conservation of critical mangrove forests in Madagascar, as part of its Darwin Initiative  for overseas biodiversity conservation. This new project will expand Blue Ventures’ work with coastal communities in western Madagascar to develop innovative new approaches to mangrove conservation and coastal poverty alleviation. As a result of the project, it is hoped that coastal communities will be able to earn new income from the sale of carbon credits, enhanced productivity of crab and shrimp fisheries, and the sustainable supply of charcoal and timber.

Under the project Blue Ventures will work with the region’s fishing communities to implement effective community-based management of mangroves so that they are able to supply these ecosystems services.  The equitable sale of the ecosystem services, also a part of the project, will guarantee that local people are able to improve their livelihoods. A key objective of the three-year venture is to develop a simple model that can be easily implemented by other communities throughout Madagascar.

Madagascar’s mangrove forests are extremely valuable ecosystems, not only for the exceptional biodiversity that they support, but also for the host of ecosystem services and goods that they provide, many of which are critical to the well-being of coastal people. Yet, for the very reason that they provide so many valuable products, these mangroves are increasingly deforested and degraded. The extensive mangroves of the western coast also support several critically endangered species. By contributing to the preservation of this significant biodiversity, the project will help Madagascar to fulfill the principal objectives of the Convention on biological diversity.

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