Biodiversity Websites for Teachers

CEC members working with children and young people may like this list of websites for teachers. Alicia Jimenez Elizondo of Earth Charter International Secretariat recommends websites for teachers on biodiversity and related topics in Education for Sustainable Development.

Here is a website with many activities that teachers can adapt for their classrooms:

In addition, I think it's important to include the notions of ethics and ethical reflection when teaching biodiversity. I think it's important that students learn about different forms of life, but also have opportunities to reflect and make decisions of their behaviour before other forms of life.

Here are some resources that could help for this:

In addition, find here a game not related only to biodiversity, but also encompassing other topics. It’s very good for high school students.

Alicia Jimenez Elizondo
Project Coordinator
Earth Charter International Secretariat
Center of Education for Sustainable Development

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