Biodiversity: Play and Learn! Exhibit at Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Hands-on fun invites learning about biodiversity. CEC member Maissa Azab shares photos from this November 2010 exhibit at the Planetarium Science Center.

Learning about biodiversity at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Planetarium Science Center Photo: Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The 'Biodiversity: Play and Learn!' exhibition showcases and celebrates the richness and complexity of species and ecosystems throughout the planet, especially Egypt, in a playful manner that has intrigued the public of all age groups. It has been one of the most prominent activities conducted during the International Year of Biodiversity by the Planetarium Science Center at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. [Click here to view slideshow

The November 2010 exhibition is divided into five zones that explore the Animal World, a Greenhouse, the Insect World, the Food World, and the Marine World, in addition to a workshop and a movie corner.

The Planetarium Science Center opens the eyes of the Egyptian public to the marvels of science, making it accessible and interesting for current and future generations to partake in. Part of the Center's mission is to promote science and technology among the public at large, particularly school students, and to show their relevance to everyday life. 'Biodiversity: Play and Learn!' is the first interactive exhibition to be entirely developed and manufactured within the Planetarium Science Center.

This year, the Center has successfully launched a dynamic public awareness campaign on biodiversity,  to reveal and emphasize its significance and importance, as well as promote action to ensure its future health. The theme celebrates the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB 2010). Among the hands-on workshops organized during the course of the year are the Biodiversity Conservation Workshop, the Ecosystem Services Workshop, the Genetic Diversity Workshop, the Food Chain Workshop, the Sustainability Workshop, fieldtrips and camps. Each year, the Center joins the international community in celebrating annual scientific themes declared by the United Nations. 

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