Biodiversity Is My Nature - A French Campaign

Make your own biodiversity portait! You are invited to launch this campaign for biodiversity awareness in your own country. CEC member Florence Clap shares details in English, French and Spanish about this initiative of the French Committee for IUCN.

Mobilisez-vous et devenez un relais de la campagne  « La biodiversité c’est ma nature » Photo: UICN Comité français

Six NGOs have joined forces in France to launch an appeal and a campaign aimed at the global public: “Biodiversity is my nature”. This initiative of the French Committee for IUCN is carried out through its Commission on Education and Communication, chaired by Cecile Ostria, Director of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation for Nature and Humankind.

The Biodiversity is my nature campaign is :

1. A public appeal for solidarity around biodiversity

The public appeal (see full text below) is aimed at people from all walks of life (the global public, associations, local authorities, business sector). Its objective is to bring together all those who believe that biodiversity awareness should be a major collective cause. Biodiversity is present in our everyday lives, we are intimately related. We have the means to act, collectively and individually, to conserve biodiversity. Everyone is invited to read and sign the public appeal, on the campaign’s website www.LaBiodiversiteCes... (in French). To go further, the website provides information on biodiversity and suggests actions that we can take in our everyday lives, which will help to conserve it.

2. A campaign to raise awareness: What’s your nature? Are you as stubborn as a mule or as gentle as a lamb?

The “Biodiversity is my nature” campaign includes the public appeal and aims to be attractive, creative and above all participatory. In order to answer the question “what’s your nature?” in visual terms, the campaign relies on “biodiversity portraits”. See below : Bixente Lizarazu and Claire Keim Biodiversity portraits.

By creating your biodiversity portrait, you are illustrating, in a fun and creative way, how we are linked to biodiversity.

A biodiversity portrait is first of all a popular expression linked to biodiversity as oeil de lynx [sharp-sighted as a lynx], for example. These French expressions are associated with the corresponding pictures of animals and plants. Once you have chosen an expression, simply upload your photo onto the website. It will automatically appear next to the plant or animal that illustrates the expression.

Create your own biodiversity portrait on www.LaBiodiversiteCes..., with just a couple of clicks! Then, share it on the Facebook fan page ”Biodiversity is ma nature” or send it by e-mail to your friends! You can also organize a competition for the best biodiversity portrait !

They are doing their bit :

Several well-known figures have already pledged their support! Actors, sportsmen and women, singers, etc. A series of press advertisements, with their personalized biodiversity portrait, have been produced as part of this campaign and made available to all the media that want to use them…

To take part in the campaign:

An action pack is available in French. You can download it for free on the website :

  • An animated web banner for your website or blog
  • Public appeal text
  • A form for collecting signatures for your field actions
  • Press ads
  • Logo

Share the “Biodiversity is my nature” campaign in your network! The French campaign will stop at the end of the IYB, but feel free to launch your own campaign “Biodiversity is my nature” in your country!

To sign the public appeal and create your own biodiversity portrait, join us here >> (in French)

To download for free some tools of the mobilization kit, click here >>: (in French)


For more information, contact:

Florence CLAP
Programme Officer « Policies of Biodiversity »
IUCN French Committee
26, Rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire - 75005 Paris- France




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