Biodiversity explorers embark on micro-documentary expedition

Can you recommend a great biodiversity project they should see and film? Contact the explorers! David Without Borders (David Sans Frontieres) is a quest by two young men to discover biodiversity efforts in 14 countries. From CEC member David Ainsworth of the Convention on Biological Diversity, a project supporter.  

David Without Borders (David Sans Frontiers) is a multi-media quest to discover initiatives that preserve biodiversity

Two young men will visit 14 countries over the next seven months around the world with the goal of documenting some of the work done by communities, organizations and governments to promote biodiversity conservation.  Their travels will be captured on video and posted to the web.

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The countries they intend to visit include:

  • Costa Rica
  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Argentina
  • France
  • Morocco
  • Senegal
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • The Philippines
  • Hong Kong

David Aimé and David Fabrega will travel the world to meet diverse biodiversity specialists, scholars and non-profit organizations that contribute to developing a more sustainable environment, and therefore preserve the vital, intrinsic gifts of nature. They will also interview and encourage locals to share their stories about their personal actions taken to preserve the Earth and how their life is currently impacted by environmental issues and contemporary sustainable development projects.

The David without Borders team’s mission is to bring up the fragility and richness of biodiversity through projects of hope in their eco-friendly adventure.

The editors focus on a variety of components in the journey, including; the adventurers’ dynamic personalities, their shared name, keeping a vegetarian diet in diverse countries, as well as supporting current ecological initiatives by sharing it with audience from Canada and France.

The explorers will travel around the world with a High Definition camera in order to gather the most current information from local entrepreneurs, scientists, and communities on biodiversity and sustainable development topics. These topics have a great impact on both regional and national regions.

Pictures and Micro-documentaries will be distributed on the WebTV site. These Microdocumentaries will be condensed to 5 minutes long episodes in order to ensure that the most relevant and compelling information is transmitted in an interesting format.

The website will also contain posts and editorials in order to elaborate on the documentary information.

Furthermore, the adventurers will also continuously document the voyage with a diary, which will then be edited and turned into a book about the adventure and contemporary multinational biodiversity projects.


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David Aimé [email protected]
Biodiversity, business development,logistics, communications, multilingual private jokes…
Biodiversité, développement du projet, logistique, communications, humour multilingue…

David Fabrega [email protected]
Photography, video, graphic design, web programming, experimental cooking…
Photographie, vidéo, design graphique, développement web, cuisine expérimentale…

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Source: Newsletter of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (July 2010). Visit the CEC website

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