BiodivERsA Policy Brief #1: Wildlife diseases on the increase

IUCN has partnered up with BiodivERsA to help translate the results of the projects funded by the network into a series of policy briefs targeted primarily to EU policy-makers. IUCN has worked closely with the BiodivERsA scientists and experts within the IUCN network to identify key recommendations for EU policy. 


The first BiodivERsA Policy Brief focuses on wildlife diseases and their impact on biodiversity loss. The study done by the RACE project (Risk Assessment of Chytridiomycosis to European amphibian biodiversity) focused on the Bd fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis). It quantified the threat that Bd poses to Europe, while improving the knowledge on the key causes of its spread. The results suggest that the Bd fungus is implicated in the decline of many European amphibian species, such as the midwife toad. The movement of amphibians between continents mainly for trade purposes is one of the major causes for Bd spread worldwide. The alarming data revealed by the project show the need to address the problems posed by the increasing spread and impact of wildlife diseases in Europe by developing and adopting adequate policies.

The series of BiodivERsA Policy Briefs produced by IUCN can be found here.



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