Binding Award: Under the Sign of the Green Belt Europe

In the frame of the International Year of Biodiversity the Binding Grand Prize 2010 was awarded, in Vaduz on 19th November. Alois Lang, former coordinator of Green Belt Europe at IUCN, was one of the recipients. The prize is one of the outstanding conservation awards in Europe. This year’s Prize honored five individuals who had one thing in common – for many years they have been strongly and extraordinarily engaged in protecting the Green Belt. “The award is an incentive to continue efforts to preserve this important part of our European cultural and natural heritage” said Gabriel Schwaderer, managing director of the international nature conservation foundation, EuroNatur.

European Green Belt

The Green Belt is over 12,500 km long and is a corridor of habitat along the former Iron Curtain which has exceptional biodiversity. It stretches from the far north of Europe to the Black Sea in the south. This year's recipients of the Binding Prize - Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby (project manager at EuroNatur), Borut Stumberger (former President of the organization DOPPS BirdLife Slovenia and Regional Coordinator for the protection of migratory birds in South East Europe at EuroNatur), Dr. Uwe Riecken ( Head of habitat protection and management of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation), Dr. Kai Frobel (species protection officer for the nature conservation and initiator of the project "Green Belt Germany) and Alois Lang (former coordinator of Green Belt Europe at IUCN) - played a decisive role in its conservation..

Background information:

The Great Binding price is worth CHF 50,000 and is awarded to individuals who exemplify the goals of nature conservation and environmental protection work for. More information about the award and previous winners can be found here.

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