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The second newsletter of the EU BEST initiative is now online! 

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In this issue, learn, from a Member of the European Parliament, how the EU’s BEST initiative supports sustainable development and nature-based climate change adaptation and mitigation by promoting biodiversity conservation and responsible use of ecosystem services. See highlights from the South Atlantic, Polar/Sub-polar and Indian Ocean regions addressing the importance of preserving the marine environment and to control invasive alien species. In the spotlight this time, discover the online open access portals of Macaronesia, so useful to manage biodiversity, as well as whale tracking efforts in the Caribbean. Meet the BEST III Consortium teams from the Pacific, Caribbean and Amazonian regions as well as the BEST III ecosystem profile expert. Read about what BEST projects have achieved for conservation by engaging local communities and valuing marine ecosystem services. In the latest news, learn about the BEST 2.0 programme, the first outcomes of the BEST regional Ecosystem Profiles and the importance of partnerships for EU Overseas.

See this 2nd issue of the BEST newsletter as printable pdf in English or French or enjoy reading the e-book online in English or French.

Missed the first issue? – Find more in-depth articles about the ongoing initiative in the EU Overseas regions, previously funded BEST projects and get to know the people working there by reading more here.

The BEST newsletter is issued twice a year as pdf and online flip book, both in English and in French, available on the BEST website. The newsletter is also sent via email once you are subscribed.

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