Best in Europe!

Tune in to a FRANCE Ô radio programme on how the European Union (EU) addresses environmental challenges in its Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories and learn more about the EU’s Preparatory Action for BEST, a Voluntary Scheme for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in these islands and regions spread across the world. 

Albatross in the Pacific Ocean

The radio programme "Best in Europe!" was recorded in February, at the European Parliament in Brussels. The participants included Maurice Ponga, a Member of the European Parliament and key supporter of BEST, Karin Zaunberger, a biologist, Dominique Benzaken from IUCN and Jean-Philippe Palasi from Conservation International, an IUCN Member. 

BEST aims to promote conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services, including ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation, in the 34 EU Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories. Found outside the European continent, these regions and territories are home to a large diversity of species and ecosystems of global importance.

The BEST 2011 Open Call for Proposals to implement the Preparatory Action initiated by the European Parliament attracted 41 eligible proposal. 9 projects have been chosen, including IUCN's project on Building Partnerships and Awareness of Biodiversity and Climate Change in Europe Overseas for the Future of BEST.

In February 2012, the European Commission has adopted the 2012 work programme in the framework of the Preparatory Action BEST and the 2012 BEST Open Call for Proposals is to follow soon. 

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