Be part of the Pyramid2030 campaign

CEC member Alan Atkisson shares his work with Pyramid 2030. This is a unique, global campaign to promote understanding, enthusiasm, and action for sustainable development.  Anyone can join and help spread the word amongst organizations, networks and people that you think would be interested in supporting the campaign or in running a Pyramid 2030 workshop.  

Logo Photo: Pyramid 2030

Pyramid 2030 is a volunteer-driven, global-scale campaign in support of creating and achieving Sustainable Development Goals. The campaign encourages communities, universities, schools, organizations and groups of all kinds to run an engaging and participatory workshop called Pyramid to explore sustainability and create new, local sustainability goals and initiatives, while contributing to the UN’s goals for the world.

Pyramid 2030 aims to support the formal UN process of developing global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will have 2015-2030 as their timeline for achieving them. Campaign participants are invited to submit their workshop stories to be included in a report to the UN on the results of the campaign.

The Pyramid workshop has already been used all over the world to create regional or city plans, neighborhood projects, university campus initiatives, and even national laws! The Pyramid has also been used by schools, universities, and professional training programs as a teaching tool.

To download the campaign materials, learn more, and start planning your workshop, please visit the Resources page.  You can also find there a video which explains the whole thing in 9 minutes.

For more information contact the campaignn team at


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