Be one of the first to list your area on the GDI Registry!

The Green Development Initiative (GDI) is establishing an online GDI Registry of areas which are managed in a biodiversity responsible way. These areas could be community-based, public or private. 

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To be listed on the Registry as a Registered or Certified GDI Area, the area will need to be in compliance with the GDI Standard. This Standard includes the objectives of conserving biodiversity and using it sustainably in a development context. It also includes the framework for an area-based biodiversity management system.

The first step is submit a GDI Area Proposal and become listed as a Proposed GDI Area. In so doing, commitment to managing the area will be stated publically which will facilitate fundraising to finance the design and implementation of the area’s biodiversity management system. Proposals are most welcome!
Much more information is available at or contact the GDI Secretariat based at IUCN’s headquarters at

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