Bangladesh joins Copenhagen negotiations

The Bangladesh delegation is taking a national agenda to the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen this month.


After months of intense negotiations, political wrangling and media speculation, the eyes of the world are now firmly focused on Copenhagen, for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark.

IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, will have a strong presence at the United Nations climate change conference that is taking place over the next twelve days, where world leaders have gathered to try to seal a new climate deal that will come into force in 2012.

IUCN is striving to ensure that nature-based solutions are incorporated into a post-2012 agreement to mitigate climate change and adapt to the impacts that cannot be avoided.

Under a project specifically deisgned to enhance Bangladesh’s capacity to participate in the Copenhagen negotiations, IUCN Bangladesh is supporting the position of national delegations to strategic international climate change negotiations this year.

Dr Niaz Khan, Country Representative of IUCN Bangladesh says "Our organization has first hand experience of working with communities impacted by the changing climate, from fishermen in Noakhali to farmers in Gazipur. This time, we have joined hands with the Government by providing knowledge and expertise to address national priorities at this pivotal meeting". 

The Bangladesh envoy to Copenhagen includes almost ninety representatives from members of Parliament, government and non-government organizations, civil societies and journalists.

Dr Ainun Nishat, IUCN Climate Change Senior Advisor, Asia, says "We have strong hopes that this meeting will result in an effective international response to climate change. Now is the time to act as a united global

A key participant in the preparation and dissemination of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan, IUCN Bangladesh is facilitating the development of a monitoring protocol for tracking climate change and variability in the country.

Throughout the conference, the global IUCN delegation will be providing an inside view on events as they happen. Follow developments and gain insight into the key issues through the daily updates on the IUCN website



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