Bangkok must ensure REDD-plus moves ahead

IUCN Daily Media Statement: As the Bangkok climate change talks near their end, some key elements are yet to be addressed. Progress is being made in the negotiations on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD), which also includes conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhacement of forest carbon stocks (REDD Plus). But more must be done.

Non-timber forest products market, Lao PDR

"In order to build confidence that REDD Plus is capable of delivering durable emissions reductions, it must be agreed that countries will be rewarded as they move from preparation of REDD Plus actions to verified performance for putting in place safeguards for biodversity and ecosytem services and good governance arrangements in the forest sector, including the participaton of stakeholders,” says Carole Saint-Laurent, IUCN Senior Forest Policy Advisor.

• Ninni Ikkala, IUCN’s Climate Change Coordinator,
• Carole Saint-Laurent, IUCN Senior Forest Policy Advisor,

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