Assessment of Protected Area Management Effectiveness in the Southern Caucasus

The Programme of Work on Protected Areas (PoWPA) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a worldwide effort to reduce biodiversity loss at the global level. Its overall purpose is to support the establishment and maintenance of comprehensive representative and well-managed systems of Protected Areas, by 2010 for terrestrial and by 2012 for marine areas. To help implement the PoWPA, WWF is developing the 2012 Protected Areas Project (2012 PAP) which aims to contribute to the implementation of PoWPA in five Eco-regions of outstanding biodiversity value, including the Caucasus. As part of this project, IUCN POSC carried out a Management Effectiveness Assessment of Protected Areas (PA) in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Vashlovani Protected Area, Georgia Photo: IUCN POSC

The goal of the 2012 PAP in the Caucasus is to enable the parties to CBD from the Caucasus Ecoregion (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey) to achieve the 2010/2012 targets of the PoWPA, including scientifically based and representative systems of well managed protected areas, sustainable financing, and effective participation of local communities.

In order to assess protected areas management effectiveness in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, IUCN POSC conducted protected area management effectiveness assessments (PAME) at both system and site levels for each country, using the Rapid Assessment and Prioritization of Protected Areas Management (RAPPAM) tool and based on this work produced an assessment report and recommendations.


1. Review of existing information on PA management effectiveness in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

2. Intervies with PA directors, staff of the Environment Ministries, conservation NGOs and other PA stakeholders

3. Draft of three PAME reports, one per country

4. Organization and facilitation of three national asseement and planning workshops with PA directors and Environment Ministries’ staff

5. Preparation of three final national PAME reports

Donor: WWF Caucasus PO, with funds from the MAVA Foundation
Project Partner: WWF Caucasus PO
Project Duration: 10/2008 - 01/2009
Contact Person: Ekaterine Kakabadze

Southern Caucasus
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