Assessing anthropogenic pressure and its impact on Hippophae salicifolia pockets in Central Himalaya

The following article by Shalini Dhyani and Deepak Dhyani CEESP member was recently published in Journal of Mountain Science. The article argues that Natural habitat of Hippophae salicifolia in Central Himalaya is continuously being degraded due to habitat destruction and harvesting.


Although logging is prohibited, habitat destruction has increased because of regular road construction, repairing and broadening activities. In addition, Hippophae resources are continuously being harvested by lopping (both partial and complete) for fuelwood, fodder and fruits in higher Himalayan region. This paper presents a detailed analysis of relationship between density, demographic structure, and harvesting of H. salicifolia growing pockets in the five major valleys (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Niti, Mana and Bhyundhar) of Uttarakhand in Central Himalaya, India.

Work area: 
Social Policy
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