ARKive Reports on IUCN Study

With photos and video, ARKive reports on the IUCN study confirming a vertebrate extinction crisis.

ARKive reports on the IUCN study confirming a vertebrate extinction crisis Photo:

IUCN study confirms vertebrate extinction crisis

One in five vertebrate species are threatened with extinction according to a landmark study launched by the IUCN on Wednesday 27th October 2010 at the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), in Nagoya, Japan. The timely study, which is the most comprehensive assessment of the world’s vertebrates to date, confirms our fears that across the globe vertebrates are experiencing an extinction crisis. However, it also confirms that the situation would be a lot worse if not for conservation efforts.

  • Watch a short video produced by ARKive of some of the species presented in the IUCN study.

About ARKive

ARKive is a an initiative of Wildscreen, where CEC Steering Committee member Harriet Nimmo is Chief Executive. ARKive is gathering together the very best films and photographs of the world's species into one centralised digital library, to create a unique audio-visual record of life on Earth, prioritising those species at most risk of extinction. Preserved and maintained for future generations, ARKive is making this key resource accessible to all, from scientists and conservationists to the general public and school children, via its award-winning website -


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