arborvitae special issue - Strengthening Voices for Better Choices

Strengthening Voices for Better Choices

A review of the lessons and experiences of IUCN’s global multi-stakeholder forest governance project
Brazil, DR Congo, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Vietnam

arborvitae Special Issue July 2009 - Strengthening Voices for Better Choices

3 Connecting people to the processes and institutions of forest governance : S Maginnis, M Markopoulos and G Broekhoven
4 IUCN’s approach to forest governance reform : C Saint-Laurent and G Broekhoven
6 Freeing Acre of illegal logging : D Cordero, F Soares and L Pires
8 Linking dialogue with opportunity in Knuckles : N Karunarathne and A Wickramasinghe
10 People can change forest governance : J Kiyulu
12 Realising the promise of participatory dialogue : A S Shah
14 The FLEGT Action Plan and the role of multi-stakeholder dialogue : J Bazill and G Broekhoven
16 Winning hearts and minds through dialogue : E Arthur and A Adeleke
18 Negotiating Vietnam’s passage to sustainability : Tran Manh Hung, J Brunner and Tran Kim Long
20 Strengthening voices: lessons and directions : SVBC Coordination Team 

Work area: 
South America
North America
South America
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