arborvitae special issue - Learning from Landscapes

Learning from Landscapes

This arborvitae special reviews current best practice assessing landscape values based upon on-the-ground experiences in tropical developing countries.

arborvitae Special Issue Sept 2008 - Learning from Landscapes

2 Assessing progress in landscape initiatives : J Sayer, S Maginnis, L Buck and S Scherr
3 What is the landscape approach? : J Sayer and N Dudley
4 The ‘Lally Principles’ : J Sayer, L Buck and S Scherr
5 The ‘20 Questions’ checklist : Ecoagriculture Partners
6-7 Monitoring biodiversity conservation outcomes : J Milder
8-9 Baseline photography and participatory drawing : I Boedhihartono and E Barrow
10-11 Simulation models to monitor change : M Sandker and B Campbell
12 Participatory monitoring in the Tri- National de la Sangha : D Endamana and A Eyebe
13 Using best practice in Ghana and Indonesia : IUCN
14-15 The ‘Sangha Guidelines’ for the landscape approach
16 Next steps in monitoring landscape approaches : J Sayer, L Buck and N Dudley

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