arborvitae special issue - Changing realities

Changing realities : ecosystem approaches and sustainable forest management

Author(s): Sayer, Jeffrey ; Maginnis, Stewart ; Laurie, Michelle ; Sengupta, Sandeep ; Rietbergen-McCracken, J.
IUCN, Forest Conservation Programme ; WWF
Published: 2004
Series: arborvitae, supplement
ISBN: 2-8317-0853-2
arborvitae Special Issue Nov 2004 - Changing realities Photo: IUCN

Gland : IUCN; WWF, 2004. 12p. : ill.

This arborvitæ special presents the summarized output of a study undertaken by IUCN, PROFOR and the World Bank to review and clarify the relationship between the Ecosystem Approach (EsA) and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and looks at how EsA principles have been interpreted and put into practice in different countries around the world and the impact that they have had.

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