The Arab Land Degradation Initiative

 IUCN ROWA takes part with partner agencies in an initiative towards an Arab Sub-Regional Land Degradation Neutrality

Towards an Arab Region Land Degradation Neutrality

The Arab Sub-Regional Land Degradation Neutrality initiative is developed by UNCCD, UNEP-ROWA, and IUCN-ROWA, and supported by a large number of international and regional organizations under the umbrella of the league of Arab States Climate Risk Nexus Initiative LAS CRNI, addressing food security, water scarcity and social vulnerability to build resilience in the Arab region.

The meeting was held in cooperation with Arab Water Council this February in Cairo and discussed the drafted concept of the initiative. IUCN ROWA will host the LAS –UNCCD national focal points for the Arab countries in Amman – IUCN offices -  and the UNCCD will then after conduct a back to back inception workshop on Land Degradation Neutrality.

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