The Arab Civil Society: An Eye on Earth

At the Eye on Earth Summit 2015, A session organized by CEDARE and moderated by IUCN ROWA introduced some of the success stories that were achieved throughout the region.

EoE 2015

 The Arab Civil Society are considered a main actor among all different stakeholders. It has been proven, over the years, that they can play a significant role serving their local communities due to their abilities not only to reach all segments of society, expecially marganilized segments, but also to act as the voice of all those segments, especially in relation to the most important global environmental issues and their linkage to the national priorities, in addition to urgent national environmental challenges.

The session demonstrated civil society experiences and case studies with respect to Eye on Earth various special initiatives. Participating institutions, NGOs and organizations explored the potential roles for civil societies to assist decision and policy makers to improve environmental decision making process through reliable data collected by civil society. It also discussed the crucial role the civil society can play in data dissemination and verification, its role in executing credible and transparent assessments and monitoring and its involvement in global environmental governance.

The Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) with IUCN ROWA helped highlight the important role that Arab CS could play as a core partner in implementing Eye on Earth initiatives / objectives. It also helped contribute to facilitate and include civil society voices in the implementation process at regional but most importantly also national and local levels. Best practices, success stories and lessons learned  were also shared of civil society involvement in the Arab region. 

The main goal was to finally emphasize the importance of following a partnership approach with clear specific roles and responsibilities, and effective coordination among all involved actors to enable fuller civil society participation in data management (collection, verification, dissemination).

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