Approaches to Conservation of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Knowledge

 At the current rate of consumption and use, the status of medicinal plants is threatened, risking our own future benefits and knowledge.

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 In Bangladesh, due to population pressure, deforestation and changes in landuse patterns, many species of both flora and fauna have become extinct and many more are threatened and endangered. In addition, the country will face serious consequences of biodiversity loss from the global climate change. Considering the present situation and future need, the problems of extinction of the native plant resources, conservation and management programmes are necessary.

  Today, many medicinal plant species of Bangladesh have reached the fate of extinction or severe genetic loss. Unfortunately, detailed information and complete inventories on such plants often do not exist. For most of the endangered species, no conservation efforts have been implemented and a lion’s share of the knowledge on their properties and use are held by traditional healer societies,whose very existence is now under threat. At the current rate of consumption and use, the status of medicinal plants is threatened, risking our own future benefits and knowledge.

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