Announcing National Green Week 2013

Free ready-made lesson plans are available for National Green Week, a K-12 sustainability education campaign in the United States. Pick a theme and sign up by February 1. 

National Green Week 2013

National Green Week is free to join and participants can choose any week to be their Green Week between February 4 and April 30. Don't have a week? Then make it a day! During Green Week, teachers and youth group leaders are encouraged to spend time talking about sustainability issues, conducting one of the free lessons prepared by the Green Education Foundation (GEF), undertaking a sustainability project or doing a "green" activity.

GEF offers six sustainability-themed programs, each with their own five-day lesson sets, activities, tips and recommended reading. This will make Green Week as simple as possible. And sign up by February 1 to be entered to win eco-friendly prizes.

Click here to pick a theme:

  1. Make Energy your Theme! The Green Energy Challenge calls on schools across the nation to improve their energy efficiency through simple changes of behavior. This K-12 sustainability education program empowers children to take small steps that can have a big collective impact on our environment, our economy, and our societies.
  2. Make Gardening your Theme! The Green Thumb Challenge enlists schools and youth groups to gets kids gardening! GEF provides gardening tools and resources, as well as standards-based curriculum and activities to connect the garden with the classroom.
  3. Make Green Building your Theme! The Green Building Program encourages participants to learn about green building strategies through standards-based curriculum, case studies, and other GEF resources. Students and teachers learn how buildings impact the environment and how changes in the construction and use can help conserve natural resources.
  4. Make Waste Reduction your Theme! Join the waste reduction challenge to learn how your trash impacts our planet. Plus, find out how you can make a difference by reducing the waste you create everyday and how you can start recycling!
  5. Make Sustainable Transportation your Theme! I Ride Green invites participants to start easy-to-adopt green habits that can lead to lifelong healthy behaviors.  Participants are encouraged to share success stories and strategies, set up carpooling schedules, and more!
  6. Make Water your Theme! The Sustainable Water Challenge invites students to learn about the importance of water, our planet's most valuable resource, and learn how to conserve water in their homes and schools.

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Today marks the one-month countdown to National Green Week 2013! This blog identifies the steps to planning for a successful Green Week.

Thank you for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions:

Molly Hislop, LEED® Green Associate
Director, Programs and Marketing
Green Education Foundation (GEF)


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