76th meeting of IUCN Council

The 76th meeting of the IUCN Council will take place from 22-25 May 2011, in Gland, Switzerland.

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IUCN Members, National and Regional Committees are invited to send their comments on the draft agenda for the 76th Council meeting to the IUCN Director General via governancesupport@iucn.org, in English, French or Spanish, before 21 April 2011. Download the draft agenda from the Members’ Portal.

Besides the standard agenda items such as the Reports from the Director General and the Commission Chairs, Council will engage in substantive debate on:

  • Council’s vision for the future governance of IUCN
  • The outline work plan and budget for 2012
  • The Regional Conservation Forums
  • Amendments to the IUCN Statutes, Regulations and Rules of Procedure of the World Conservation Congress

Council will also discuss the admission of 26 applicants for membership of the Union.

The decisions of the 55th meeting of the Bureau of Council (held on 15 February 2011) are also available on the Members’ Portal in the section “Information from Council”, in English, French and Spanish.

N.B. You will need your user name/password to access the Members’ Portal. If you are unsure of your login details, please contact membership@iucn.org  

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