6th Biodiversity Forum in Álava

On 21 and 22 May, the IUCN Spanish Committee will hold its 6th Biodiversity Forum in the Palacio de Villasuso in Vitoria (Northern Spain). The event is being hosted by the Regional Council of Álava which is also going to join the list of Spanish IUCN members.

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This event, which was presented recently during a press conference in Álava, the capital of the region, will be entitled: Loss of Biodiversity: Causes and Strategies to Combat it.

The meeting, which is to close the Programme, will be attended by some of the most highly-qualified experts in conservation, sustainability and the environment from Spain. It is an occasion that will also be an innovation for offering new perspectives to examine the different problems affecting biodiversity in Spain. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Social Foundation of Caja Madrid, on the Friday of the meeting (22nd May), the Countdown 2010 Awards will be presented to the most notable initiatives in the field of biodiversity conservation coming from members of the Countdown Programme.

14 speakers associated with IUCN (Committee, IUCN-Med, Commissions, and Offices for Technical Cooperation), 5 from universities, 2 institutions and 4 from other organisations and entities from a total of 25 presentations have been accredited to this meeting, which shows that although more than 50% of the time is dedicated to IUCN members, its forum is also being opened up to those from other organisations working in other domains related to the environment and biodiversity.

The forum will be structured into 4 subject areas:

I – Loss of Biodiversity: Approach to the problems

II – Renewable Energy and Biodiversity: New Biodiversity Challenges

III – Biodiversity Conservation Strategies: From International Projects to Local Strategy

IV – The Future and Prospects for Biodiversity Conservation


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