5th West African Coastal and Marine Forum gets underway

In just under a few hours the work of the 5th Coastal and Marine Forum organised in the framework of the Regional Conservation Programme for the Conservation of Coastal and Marine areas (PRCM) will get underway under the theme "Biodiversity, our security in a changing world. Save it!”.


The clock is ticking and preparations are being finalised within the Coordination Unit of the PRCM. Several delegations have already arrived in the Mauritanian capital and the flow should continue until next Sunday (27 June 2010).

There’s also excitement about the "Biodiversity village" where the well-planted scenery is inciting a great deal of curiosity. The various stands are ready for the exhibitors and the inauguration ceremony scheduled for Sunday 27 June will be attended by Ministry officials in charge of Environment, the municipal authorities from Nouakchott, representatives of PRCM and leaders in environmental protection from various levels, including Julia Marton-Lefevre, Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The official ceremony of the Forum itself will take place on the following day (28 June 2010) at the convention centre. Over 200 guests from a range of backgrounds, but with a common commitment to the conservation of biodiversity, will gather for three days of discussion and reflection. In this same setting, a ministerial session will bring together Ministers of Environment of the seven member countries of the PRCM to mark the willingness of the political leaders to advance this work, which has been long awaited. Then we will arrive at the final day of the Forum on Wednesday 30 June, to be focused on the nature and substance of the recommendations and resolutions that the key stakeholders in the coastal and marine zone of West Africa will formulate for the attention of policymakers and their PRCM.

For more information:
Mr. Ahmed Ould Senhoury, Director of the Coordination Unit for the Regional Programme for Conservation of the coastal and Marine zone of West Africa (PCRM), IUCN Mauritania

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