248 projects presented by the North African Civil Society Organisations to the PPI-OSCAN call

The ‘Small-Scale Initiatives Programme for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa' launched in June 2014 has rounded off the first stage with a promising start. At the closing date of the call for projects, December 25th, IUCN-Med has received 248 projects from 233 Civil Society Organisations (CSO). By countries, the number of CSOs participating in this call is: 98 from Tunisia, 75 from Morocco, 52 from Algeria, and 8 from Libya.

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According to the eligible programme themes, there are 57 projects on conserving and valuing biodiversity; 21 related to terrestrial and marine protected areas; 11 on endangered and endemic species; 6 on environmental monitoring; 31 on ecotourism; 16 on energy economy and renewable energy; 14 on freshwater ecosystems; 47 on environmental education; 32 on community development; and 13 on topics not covered by the programme.

The first reading of these figures indicates a rather high rate of CSOs participation. This confirms the wide interest showed by CSOs during launching workshops. At that time all participants highlighted the excellent opportunity offered by this Programme by focusing on CSOs of less than five years since their creation or those who have not mobilized funds more than 25,000 EUR in the past three years.

The screening results will be announced no later than 31 January 2015. The CSOs whose projects are selected will be invited to submit the detailed project document. These CSOs will benefit from information sessions on how to prepare the required project document, that will be organized by the four national Programme coordinators based respectively in Algiers, in Tripoli, in Rabat and in Tunis.

The "Small-Scale Initiatives Programme for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa" is co-funded by the French Fund for Global Environment Facility and the MAVA Foundation, and aims at strengthening young Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia in the field of environment through the implementation of projects on the ground and the participation in several thematic training sessions. This programme is coordinated by the Cooperation Centre for Mediterranean IUCN.

For further information please contact Maher Mahjoub, Regional Programme Coordinator at IUCN-Med. 

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