24 videos on Amazonian forests of Ecuador / Voces para Bosques Sustentables

Experts speak plainly about the Amazonian forests of Ecuador in this series of 24 videos. In this interview, Ana Puyol says the Spanish-language videos are useful for community radio, schools and the media.

Voces para Bosques Sustentables Photo: IUCN SUR

The educational series ‘Voices for Sustainable Forests’ includes 24 video lectures by 17 specialists in areas critical to the conservation and sustainable forest management of the Amazonian forests of Ecuador. Many of the topics are shared by other countries in the region. The video series was produced by TRAFFIC, a joint programme of WWF and IUCN.

The videos fill a gap, says Ana Puyol, a programme officer at TRAFFIC and member of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication: “We were working with community radio in Ecuador and realized that technical papers on forest topics did not serve the need for information among the media and educators. The videos make it easy to gain access to the best information available.”

Interviews with leading specialists cut through jargon while introducing a wide range of topics. “It’s wonderful to hear these experts speaking colloquially about the problems and solutions. What dilemmas do people face in their forests? What about indigenous territories, forest governance, and the law? What ecosystem services do the forests provide? The videos cover the key topics, including the best policies and programmes of the Government of Ecuador today."

The videos are relevant across the region, Ana emphasizes. “These common problems are regional. Many of the challenges we experience in Ecuador are the same in other countries where the Amazonian forest is under threat.”

One of the next steps is to produce short online courses for members of the media who may know little about forests. Another step is to seek inclusion of the videos in the national teacher-training programme.

The videos have been viewed online nearly 3,000 times. View the videos >>

Voces para Bosques Sustentables

La serie educativa VOCES PARA BOSQUES SUSTENTABLES incluye 24 video-charlas por parte de 17 especialistas en temas críticos para la conservación y el manejo forestal sostenible de los bosques amazónicos del Ecuador. a serie educativa VOCES PARA BOSQUES SUSTENTABLES pretende inspirar procesos educativos innovadores y mejorar el acceso a la información de calidad para los diversos medios de comunicación comprometidos con los temas amazónicos. Este primer volumen presenta parte de los testimonios más calificados sobre la problemática de los bosques amazónicos del Ecuador. Traffic es un programa conjunto de WWF y UICN.


This interview was conducted by Susan Guthridge-Gould, CEC e-newsletter editor, with Ana Puyol on February 10, 2011.

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