2020 VISION - For a wilder Britain

Skip this story and go straight to great photos on the 2020 VISION website.  This media collaboration combines the power of visual imagery with science and conservation knowlege. CEC members learned about the project through the IUCN UK Committee, which is a partner in 2020 VISION. 

Britain’s most ambitious conservation visual media initiative ... ever! Photo: www.2020v.org/

The project

  • 2020VISION is the most ambitious conservation visual media initiative ever staged in Britain.
  • 2020VISION is a blueprint for a wilder Britain where it’s recognised that healthy ecosystems are good for us too.
  • 2020VISION will encourage a vision beyond isolated reserves to a nature without frontiers, where animals can move freely between habitats. In other words, thinking big!
  • 2020VISION will nurture a new ethos that reconnects wild places with each other and reconnect us with wild places.

What makes 2020VISION different?

2020VISION is not a conservation project; it's about communication...and collaboration. By bringing top flight visual media specialists - photographers, videographers, sound recordists - together with the scientitific and conservation community, we can create an unprecedented set of communication resources that would simply not be possible in isolation. Using the power of visual imagery - unique in its ability to communicate on an emotional level - 2020VISION will inspire and inform a massive audience - an audience of millions!

Why 2020?

There are 20 photographers involved, we've chosen 20 assignments and we've got 20 months to get the job done. But it's more than that. A decade from now (in 2020), a new generation of decision makers will face the legacy of things we do today. Within a decade, we need to have a new outlook on nature.

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