1209 – Community based conservation and sacred sites – a review of the Aichi targets, ICCAs and best practices for sacred natural sites

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This event is divided into 2 part. The first, which will last one hour, is organised by the ICCA Consortium and is entitled:

Everything you ever wanted to know about Aichi Target 11 and ICCAs… but never dared to ask!

This first event is designed to:
• Review the spirit and meaning of CB Aichi Target 11(“Why do we need a large coverage of protected / conserved areas?” “How does IUCN define a ‘protected area’?” How does CBD define a 'protected area'?" "What are 'other effective area-based conservation measures'?" etc...)
• Review examples of ICCAs in terrestrial and marine environment (“How do we know if this is an ICCA?” "Do IUCN and CBD recognise ICCAs?" "Do national governments recognise ICCAs?" etc... )
• Identify ways in which ICCAs can help countries reach CBD Target 11 (“When is an ICCA also a ‘protected area’?” “What happens if an ICCA does not qualify as a protetced area (according to the government concerned)?” “What happens if the local governing institution does not wish it to be part of the national protected area system?” “Can ICCAs count as “other effective area-based conservation measures”? "Can ICCAs be 'registered'"? etc...)

We will have a question and answers session, with with graphic display of images, questions and alternative answers. A small group of people will introduce the questions and answers and engage the audience in arguing for the best and true answers. The ones who will offer the most complete and well argued replies will accumulate "points" (visible, colored symbols will be given). One or more bottles of something really nice (wine? sake?) will be offered to the ones who got more interesting and well-argued answers in the collective view of the participants. The issues behind the 'answers' will be discussed.

The second event, which will also last one hour, is organised by the Sacred Natural Sites initiative.


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Protected Areas
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