1201 - GPAP/BIOPAMA: Launching a global partnership for capacity development

Protected Planet Pavillon


This event will celebrate two exciting new projects that will enhance protected area capacity development: The launch of Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Project (BIOPAMA) and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on protected area capacity development between the IUCN and the Convention for Biological Diversity.

BIOPAMA is an EU/IUCN partnership with the objective of improving long-term conservation of biodiversity in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific Regions and reducing the poverty of populations surrounding protected areas by enhancing existing institutions and networks. The event will describe protected area projects that are underway. VIPs from some of the participating BIOPAMA countries will be available to discuss their projects.

The IUCN/CBD MOU signing event will highlight the protected area capacity development products that IUCN will produce to meet the commitments described in the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas and related Aichi Targets. Such IUCN products will include publications such as Best Practice Protected Area Guidelines, technical notes, Parks Magazine, the Global Partnership for Professionalizing Protected Area Management and the Green List of Well Managed Protected Areas. Come and join us!

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Protected Areas
West and Central Africa
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