11th congress of Orthopterology in Kunming (Yunnan, China)

The 11th International Congress oF Orthopterology takes place from 11th to 15th of August in Kunming (Yunnan, China). The congress has a special symposium on Orthoptera conservation organized by Michael Samways, former chair of the IUCN SSC Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee.

hand made painting of a bush-cricket on silk Photo: http://ico.greatlocust.com/default.aspx

Every four years, the international congress on Orthopterology is held to discuss recent research on grasshoppers, crickets and bush-crickets. This year, the congress is hosted for the first time by Chinese Orthopterists. The first day of the congress will be focusing on Orthoptera conservation. Axel Hochkirch, chair of the IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group will present the Plenary Lecture entitled "Orthoptera Conservation in the 21st Century - Where do we go from here" with a strong focus on the activities of the IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist Group.

Michael Samways, former chair of the IUCN SSC Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee organized a symposium on Orthoptera conservation, with eight talks covering different aspects of Orthoptera conservation: Corey Bazelet will talk about the use of grasshoppers as bioindicators for ecological networks, Klaus Riede on acceleration of Red List assessments using acoustic tools, Marcio Bolfarini on conservation of cave cricekts in Brazil, Carlos Sperber on cricket diversity in Amazon forests, Jessica Weyer on threats to a flightless wetland grasshopper, Katja Rohde on hybridization as a threat, Daniela Matenaar on Orthoptera diversity in the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas and Thomas Fartmann on conservation of Orthoptera in Central European grasslands and heathlands.

After the congress, an eight-days post congress tour will lead the participants to Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La to visit some interesting cultural and natural attractions, but also to study the interesting Chinese Orthoptera fauna.

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