1197 – Colorado State/WCPA-Asia: Expanding capacity building efforts to enhance protected area management effectiveness in the Asian context

Protected Planet Pavillon


Building capacity for effective protected area management is a critical challenge for biodiversity conservation in Asia and beyond. Continuous change on a global scale has led to increasingly complex management scenarios that demand a broader base of skills for today’s conservation professionals. In recognition of this, objectives of this event are to: (1) highlight current capacity building needs for protected area and wildlife management in the Asian context; (2) feature successes of an on-going multi-institutional partnership that offers a model framework for development and implementation of conservation capacity building programs; and (3) expand partnerships and identify opportunities for future capacity building efforts in the region. Event organizers from the Wildlife Institute of India and Colorado State University will open with a presentation on their joint activities to enhance protected area management effectiveness and wildlife conservation in India and the USA. Selected IUCN and WCPA representatives from throughout Asia will then present brief synopses of critical needs related to strengthening the technical competencies and leadership skills of conservation professionals within their respective regions. A facilitated discussion will follow to identify cross-cutting themes and commonalities that will help direct future collaborative efforts.


Work area: 
Protected Areas
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